Lindsey & Michael

April 6, 2019New Orleans, LA

Our Story
Love at First Fedora

Lindsey and Michael first met at Episcopal High School in Baton Rouge during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Lindsey was in the 7th grade and Michael was in the 8th. Michael was an evacuee from New Orleans temporarily attending Episcopal until Trinity was back up and running in New Orleans. Lindsey claims that Michael was a cute older guy at school and a hot commodity, so he never noticed her. On the other hand, Michael claims he knew exactly who Lindsey was and thought she was quite cute. As we all know, dating an 8th grader as a 7th grader would have been quite the scandal, so life moved on, and Michael’s family moved back to New Orleans.

During the Summer of 2015, Lindsey was moving back to New Orleans to start her second semester of nursing school. She texted a mutual friend of theirs, Caroline Schmidt that she wanted to be set up with a guy in town. Caroline mentioned Michael’s name, and that she thought they would get along well. And she was 100% correct (Thanks Caroline)! Lindsey immediately remembered Michael from their middle school days, searched him on social media, and of course followed him. After a lengthy scroll through Michael’s Instagram, Lindsey decided he was still cute and hoped they would run into each other soon. According to Michael, Lindsey’s new presence in his social media following did not go unnoticed. Such millennials.

The stars aligned and Michael and Lindsey met during the first week of August 2015 on White Linen Night in downtown New Orleans (ironic that everyone was wearing white, right? Definite foreshadowing for a future marriage Michael and Lindsey say) . Michael was out with friends celebrating his White Coat Ceremony for medical school that occurred earlier that day, and White Linen Night happened to be that same evening. Lindsey was out on the town with her friends for the same occasion. It was late that night when Lindsey spotted Michael in the distance at an upscale bar, The Rusty Nail. (Sarcasm, The Rusty Nail is not an upscale bar). Michael was wearing his friend, Jonathan Vaidee’s, fedora “as a joke”. Lindsey approached Michael and said, “Hey there! You look FEDORABLE!” Michael then came back with ,“Can I buy you a Michelob Ultra?”

That following week, Michael helped Lindsey and her dad move and build furniture for her dorm room at school. Yes- he met her dad a week after meeting her and also assembled furniture while they watched. They both agree they knew the other was “the one” the minute they met. The rest is history and they have been inseparable ever since.

The Wedding

Saturday, April 6, 2019
7:00 PM
Attire: Cocktail

Ceremony and reception on same grounds

Wedding Party

Erica Allen - Maid of Honor
Aimee Schilling - Bridesmaid
Kelley Calandro - Bridesmaid
Julianne Krouse - Bridesmaid
Christina Beter - Bridesmaid
Olivia Breeland - Bridesmaid
Maggie Breaux - Bridesmaid
Carlin Conner - Bridesmaid
Shawn Conner - Bridesmaid
Court Burlingame - Best Man
Nick Breaux - Groomsman
Severin Breaux - Groomsman
Alex Stackhouse - Groomsman
Parker Bordeaux - Groomsman
Drew Hill - Groomsman
Cody Mathis - Groomsman
Guy Scoggin - Groomsman
Jack Yancey - Groomsman
Jonathan Vadiee


Havens Cary - Usher
McClain Forman - Usher
Hamilton Harbin - Usher
Parker LeCorgne - Usher
Ford Neel - Usher